University Preparatory Schools

University preparatory secondary schools prepare students to complete a US high school diploma. This is the credential required for entrance into colleges and universities in the USA. Many of these schools also offer housing options for international students.

Community Colleges – 2 year

Community colleges offer a two-year curriculum that typically leads to transfer (with an associate’s degree) to a four-year college or university. These two-year colleges often have established transfer agreements with other institutions, making it easy and cost-effective for graduates to complete a bachelor’s degree. Students may pursue other programs that lead to specific professional or technical certifications.

Colleges and Universities – 4 or more years

Colleges and universities offer four-year bachelor’s degrees and may also offer master’s and/or doctoral degrees. Both colleges and universities offer recognized and high-quality programs; colleges are often smaller in size and may concentrate on bachelor’s level programs, while universities may be larger, offer higher level degrees and have more extensive research facilities.

English Language Programs

English language programs offer a wide range of instruction depending on individual student goals and interests. Programs range from developing communication skills to be successful at a college or university in the USA, TOEFL preparation, English for specific purposes, to short-term summer programs.