Choosing the Best Option for You

No one school anywhere in the world is best for every student. Selecting a college or university is more about deciding what is important to YOU for your educational experience. Some students excel at large public universities, while others thrive on a small liberal arts campus. Deciding the best fit for you is a process that takes research and self-reflection.

Before comparing different institutions, think about what you are looking for in your educational experience. Consider what your “dream school” might look like:
• athletic offerings
• campus safety
• campus setting (urban, suburban, small-town or rural)
• diversity of student population
• extracurricular organizations and events
• faculty experience and expertise
• financial aid availability and deadlines
• geographic location
• housing availability and cost
• length, time and location of classes
• number of students enrolled
• programs of study, majors, and course selection
• school facilities and equipment
• student-to-faculty ratio (class size)
• support services (meals, counseling, job placement)
• transportation availability and cost
• tuition and fees

If you’re still having trouble deciding, ask yourself:

• Why do I want to go to college/university in the USA?
• What do I hope to gain from my experience?
• How will college/university help me achieve my goals?
• Do I have family obligations at home that I need to consider?
• When is the best time for me to begin my studies?
• Does it matter how many international students are enrolled with me?
• How will I react to students who have diverse ideas, viewpoints and backgrounds?
• Would you consider a single-gender institution (all male or all female)?