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Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD)

School Profile

Recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative approaches to art and design education, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) is home to approximately 800 students from 45 states and 15 countries. Offering a transformative education for creative practitioners of all backgrounds, MCAD prepares students to confidently lead and practice in an ever-evolving world. It’s where students find their personal and professional purpose as creative, cultural leaders. 

Founded in 1886, MCAD is located in the heart of the rich art-and-design community of the Twin Cities. The college offers bachelor’s degrees in fourteen disciplines including arts entrepreneurship, design, fine arts, and media arts, one MFA, three online master’s degrees, and continuing education classes for all ages. 

MCAD’s four-year graduation rate is among the highest of all art-and-design colleges. Through the core curriculum, students focus on their careers and craft by learning technical and professional skills and developing their creative, intellectual, and leadership capabilities.

Including Emmy-winning directors, Whitney Biennial artists, and Guggenheim fellows, MCAD alumni make an impact. They set new standards across a broad range of creative careers, from independent artist to corporate designer to entrepreneur.

Key Programs Offered


  • Animation
  • Comic Art
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Filmmaking
  • Fine Arts Studio
  • Furniture Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Print Paper Book
  • Product Design
  • Sculpture
  • Web and Multimedia Environments


  • Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies
  • Master of Arts in Creative Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Graphic and Web Design
  • Master of Arts in Sustainable Design

Campus Life

Classes and homework are key aspects of being a college student, but what happens outside of the classroom is equally important. For many students, MCAD represents the first taste of independent living, as well as getting to know a new city and culture. From student-led clubs to frequent events and activities (often involving free food), there are many ways to get involved with MCAD’s creative community.

At a Glance

About MCAD

MCAD welcomes a diverse student body. International students choose to move to Minneapolis to attend MCAD for a variety of reasons, including the college’s reputation as a highly ranked institution in one of the nation’s most creative cities, scholarships and financial aid, high-caliber faculty, and world-class facilities.

  • 800

    Students From 45 States & 15 Countries

    MCAD strongly values and promotes diversity on campus

  • 98%

    Of Students Receive Financial Aid

    Plus, MCAD tuition is below the national art college average

  • 10:1

    Student-to-Faculty Ratio

    Faculty get to know their students very well and often become lifelong mentors

A Continual Process of Forming and Transforming

MCAD invites exploration and experimentation in your creative practice. Choose from courses ranging from fine arts and design to entrepreneurship and sustainability. With so many choices, where do you see yourself on this journey?

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