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Marshall School

School Profile

Marshall School is a private, independent, coeducational school enrolling students in grades 4-12. The school is located in Duluth, Minnesota (a top-ranked small US city), and serves both local and international students from around the world. The mission of Marshall is to educate students to become global citizens, and students are able to pursue a Global Studies Certificate in addition to the Marshall diploma. Marshall students scored well-above State and National averages on the SAT and ACT, with numerous merit and commended scholars being named every year. Over 80% of students report being accepted to their first-choice college in 2021. Recent college acceptances include Yale, Columbia, NYU, UCLA, USC, Rensselaer Polytechnic, University of MN-Twin Cities, St. Thomas University, and more. 

International student will reside in Marshall House, a 35-bed dormitory conveniently attached to the main campus. The dormitory was new in 2016, and offers mostly single rooming. Duluth, Minnesota offers a peaceful and pristine natural environment as well as a lively and welcoming community with many opportunities for entertainment, dining, arts and culture, and shoppin

Key Programs Offered

Campus Life

With over thirty clubs, activities, and academic teams to choose from – and competitive athletics starting as early as seventh grade – Marshall offers each student a unique combination of ways to participate and get involved. In addition, Marshall emphasizes community service and leadership both in and outside of the classroom. Off-campus learning is experienced through Marshall’s Fryberger Outdoor Experience program. Daily advisory enriches the lives of middle and upper school students, and school spirit and pride is felt throughout the year, especially during spirit weeks like Homecoming week in September, and Winter Frolic week in January. 

Residential field trips allow international student the opportunity to connect to the wider Duluth community and American culture beyond the walls of the school. Students are offered the opportunity regularly to attend community events, develop new skills, and gain confidence through diverse experiences in a new country. In addition, Marshall’s Student Ambassador program connects each new international student with a local family prior to arrival.

At a Glance

About Marshall School

  • 10.5:1

    Student Faculty Ratio

    Small class sizes allow for more impactful and personalized learning

  • 29

    State/National Competitions Participated In by Students

    The Class of 2020 had 2 all-state athletes and 36 all-conference athletes.

  • $10M

    Earned Scholarships

    $10 million in earned scholarships (Class of 2020)

Marshall: Where Each Student’s Journey is Celebrated

At Marshall School, we know that every student starts from a unique place.  What success looks like for each student will be a little different.  Our job is to guide them along their journey as they grow, explore, and change. We believe the process is as important as the product, and that how you learn is as important as what you learn. Our students are active participants in their education.

Marshall is where courage, experience, purpose, risk, curiosity, innovation, challenge, and community are celebrated.

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